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#1 psychologically healing antiwar story ever told


Welcome to Rivendell

Home of Looking Glass Books

Welcome to Rivendell Books, the home of books that walk you through the Looking Glass to see what's really on the other side. As we expose you to such arcane terms as the Transcendent Function and Active Imagination, hopefully, we won't scare you off before we've had the chance to show you how to use these tools to help you get there and back again in one piece.

Our #1 Selling Author!

Meet our #! selling author, Sir E.J. Drury II, who will walk you through the Looking Glass, should you choose to read his book, in just as unique a way as would have his teachers—the contemplative Thomas Merton, psychoanalyst Carl Jung, Zen Master D.T. Suzuki, and self-described philosophical anarchist Mahatma Gandhi—to help you grasp what not only he, but they as well, saw there.

A Different Kind of Sentinel

Entitled A Different Kind of Sentinel, Sir EJ's book is a real psychological thriller that takes you through the Looking Glass to see the world through the eyes of an inveterate youth as he struggles with his participation in the killing of other human beings in the battle for the soul of this country, circa 1967. Does he prevail? To find out, purchase your copy today...

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