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A Different Kind of Sentinel: A Review

From the first page to the last, does the author of A Different Kind of Sentinel slip so seamlessly from the material world to the imagination, as if there were no distinction between the two realms. Once, while standing in front of a mirror, he sees a woman “standing opposite” him in the mirror. Alarmed, he steps “back from the mirror only to find himself being drawn back into her world through the smile on her face.” In the end, is he “left standing in front of the mirror, smiling at an image of himself dressed as a white knight.”

Therein lies the whole story in a nutshell. For this remarkable tale is as much about the author as it is about the soul. While he fears the white knight, she loves the White Knight “above all else.” Where he longs to be free of his indenture to the beast, she longs to be free of her imprisonment in nature. “I am the way,” she proclaims once he admits he is lost, for both seek the one person they are meant to be.

As a sailor, does he reluctantly set off in search of she who must be obeyed if he is to overcome the beast that burdens us with self-destruction or destruction of the self. At all costs, must he resist the temptation of his fathers, “to live out the visions of others rather than the one with which he had been entrusted at birth,” a vision that eventually pits him against the Navy as he comes to a fuller understanding of the true meaning of military service.

Filled with many insights into the soul, human sexuality, war and the beastly side of human nature, the book is sure to engage the more adventuresome in the search for what might free us from the beast that threatens to destroy us before we destroy our selvesthe beast’s only mode of operation.

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